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Posted by Florence Jones on 18 Apr 2016 (0 comments)

Round 3: 'Maximising the Mess' Mondays: How do we increase our numbers? 

'How can we get more people to come?'

Posted by Martyn Payne on 15 Apr 2016 (0 comments)

Reflections from a recent Messy Church visit

No doubt it was because I was deep into Lucy's Messy Hospitality as I travelled to a Messy Church recently that I couldn't help experiencing the visit through the lens of how welcoming everything and everybody was. I was pleased to say this Messy Church scored highly!

Posted by Jane Leadbetter on 15 Apr 2016 (0 comments)

Welcome to Dorothy Hughes, new Messy Church Regional Coordinator for North/West Melbourne in Victoria, Australia!

Dorothy supports Messy Church in her role as Children and Families Ministry Facilitator for the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne. She is the sixth member of the growing team of Regional Coordinators in Victoria. 

Posted by Jane Leadbetter on 13 Apr 2016 (0 comments)

What a brilliant idea, St Mary's Wotton under Edge in Gloucestershire! Sunday 17 April is Good Shepherd Sunday, this year, and after trying a Messy Nativity Sheep Trail in the past, St Mary's are holding a Messy Sheep Trail leading up to Good Shepherd Sunday this week!

Posted by Florence Jones on 11 Apr 2016 (0 comments)

Round 2: 'Maximising the Mess' Mondays: Welcoming people with SEND to Messy Church

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Posted by Martyn Payne on 04 Apr 2016 (0 comments)

Is it just me or do you find that your involvement with Messy Church is beginning to have more of an impact than you could ever imagine?

I suppose more than most I've had the opportunity of being part of lots of Messy Churches up and down the country in my role within the BRF Messy Church team, and maybe this is why I am feeling the impact more, but I don't think I'm alone. Certainly Jane and Lucy in our team feel the same.

Posted by Florence Jones on 29 Mar 2016 (0 comments)

Welcome to the first 'Maximising the Mess' Mondays. 

Each Monday, we will be sending out a helpful PDF on a different topic, which we hope will really enable you to 'maximise the Mess' .

Posted by Jane Leadbetter on 23 Mar 2016 (0 comments)

Welcome April Gunn, who is the third member of the new Ireland Regional Coordinators' team! April will be supporting Messy Churches in the Munster Province. She coordinates the Messy Church at Blarney, near Cork, and is keen for any Messy Churches in her region to contact her for prayers and sharing.

Posted by Florence Jones on 23 Mar 2016 (0 comments)

Have you signed up for @messyweek yet? 

Every week, a new member of the Messy Church community is @messyweek! For seven days, the person, people or church will tweet about their life, love and work, sharing opinions and ideas about their Messy Church along the way. Then, someone else does the same but differently. 

Posted by Jane Leadbetter on 21 Mar 2016 (0 comments)

An update from Carol Brown at Winlaton Messy Church, Tyne & Wear, who was determined to carry on with their Messy Church after fire destroyed their church hall.


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