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Fresh ideas for building a Christ-centred community


Ruth Burrows and her team at Chichester St Pancras Messy Church have been treading grapes and bottling the wine! Definitely a team to go and visit when it tastes better. It takes time for wine to mature, but the new wine of families in this Messy Church is bubbling away in an exciting vintage all of its own, and it's good to see the church is happy to sew new wineskins to contain it.

Ruth shared her thoughts on a year of Messy Church. She writes:

Alstonville Messy Church, Australia

Trent Minton, a Messy friend in New South Wales wrote an encouraging email recently and in it mused on his Messy Church's efforts towards discipleship:

Nancy Rowe from St George's Church, Canada and her church have been growing people from their Messy Church using 'A Spirited Study'. Nancy writes:

Cerys Hughes in Lichfield Diocese and her team have held their first Family Cafe, and Cerys has kindly written about it. If you're thinking about a follow-on from Messy Church, it could be a great inspiration.

Nancy Rowe in Georgetown, Canada, writes about her church's group formed to help people go deeper in faith:

More ideas for Messy discipleship, published resources from Jo Gill, a Messy Church leader, and Paul Griffiths, a missioner, author and evangelist.

Jo Gill writes:

'It was good to see you and Messy Church at the Big Church Day out!

Our thoughts on discipleship continue. Here is the summing-up that I wrote after recent discussions with people wiser than I am. By no means the end of the story but another step on it.

We are coming to see that discipleship in the Messy Church context is about some of the following:

It's been a brain-wringing time for Jane, me and the rest of the BRF Messy Church Team as we've had two events recently to focus on the question of discipleship in Messy Church. The first was a gathering of Messy Church leaders and church growth / discipleship course experts at St John's College Nottingham for a full day's discussion. The second was a morning with the Church Army Sheffield Centre Research Team in Sheffield.

Some people ask if people are becoming Christians through Messy Church, or whether they really become members of the church through it. Here's one answer from an Anglican church in the Diocese of Derby. Lots to give thanks for, lots to ponder.

In March 2011 we're holding a consultation on Messy Discipleship and we need your help.

We'd like to hear what strategies you have put in place to try to grow discipleship among your messy families and what the results have been - stories of failure are even more helpful than success stories.