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Welcome to Debbie Hill, our new Messy Church Regional Coordinator for Cambridgeshire! Debbie is in Ely and has also just started her new Diocesan role as Children's Work Adviser.

Welcome to Kevin Metcalfe who is our new Messy Regional Coordinator for Dorset. Kevin kindly replaces Kat who is taking time out. Kevin is the Children's and Outreach Worker at St John's Church, Wimborne and he has years of Messy experience dating back to his days in N Ireland. Please pray for Kevin as he takes on this voluntary role for us.

The Web of Prayer Your story: At Messy Church in High Wycombe, Western Australia, we gave people balls of wool to create a massive web. We then got people to write out prayers, or cut out words or pictures to put on the web representing their prayers.

A London Messy Church collected these prayers on the Prayer Tree last week. Looks to me as if spirituality is alive and kicking with these families.

Check out Orison's great resources for interactive prayer spaces in schools.

Nik & Tor emailed from Llanharry with this request:

Messy Prayer is the theme of our next Messy Church and we are just wondering how best to approach it. We'd be grateful for any thoughts that you may have.

Do comment below or email

MESSages to God

Jane Leadbetter came up with the idea and Cerys Hughes in Lichfield came up with the name. Jane has started using it at her Messy Church: simple prayer requests that are written down during cake time and posted by all ages into a box. Jane then types them up and emails them out to the list of contacts she has from team and Messy congregation. The names here have been reduced to initials for the sake of privacy. They really echo Paul's advice in 1 Timothy 2:1-2 (NIV):

It was great to meet face to face at last (after many emails and phone calls) with the wonderful people from Sweaty Church in York, Ian and Johnny, and to hear about all God's doing for families through their very active expression of church.

Please do continue to pray for the churches in New Zealand and encourage your Messy Churches to pray too. As you know, Debbie Smith is our regional coordinator and lives in Christchurch, though she and her husband Andrew are on the point of moving to a new job in Nelson. It sounds horrendous, and I wasn't even sure Debbie would have email up and running to reply to an anxious email:

Hi Debbie

Horrendous news from Christchurch - are you and yours OK this time? I really hope so. Do let us know if you can. Much love Lucy

To my relief, she did:

You will have heard about the New Zealand earthquake. You may also be aware that Debbie Smith, our NZ regional coordinator, is organising the first Messy Church conference the weekend after next. I wondered how she was and she emailed back as below. Please would you hold Debbie, the homeless and anxious, the Anglican Diocese and the conference in your prayers?

'We are fine, but it has been / is pretty horrific.