What Regional Coordinators do

Regional Coordinators work to promote, support and encourage the development of Messy Churches of all denominations in a region

The purpose of their role is to:

  • promote Messy Chuch within their region
  • offer support to newly registered Messy Churches
  • keep Messy Churches up to date on the latest news and developments

If you have any questions regarding Regional Coordinators, please contact ministries@brf.org.uk.

What is a Regional Coordinator?

Regional Coordinators are volunteers who play a key role in supporting Messy Churches

We are blessed to have a network of Messy Church Regional Coordinators who are volunteers supporting, praying for and communicating with Messy Churches in local regions in the UK and overseas.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about Regional Coordinators or want to volunteer do get in touch

Specialist Coordinators

We have a number of volunteer coordinators who can give help and guidance with your specialised needs.
  • Messy Vintage
  • SEND
  •  Social Action
  •  Messy Forces
  • Messy Science