Meet the Advocates team

We’d love to speak to your church about Messy Church and the other ministries of BRF (Anna Chaplaincy for Older People, Living Faith, Parenting for Faith). We’re also the team to talk to about raising funds for Messy Church at BRF.

Meet the team below.

Melissa Wearden

Hi! I'm Melissa, I'm the Children's and Families Minister at Holy Trinity, Hurdsfield Church in Macclesfield. I am passionate about Messy Church, not just because it is so imaginative and sometimes bonkers but because I get to meet lots of lovely people and tell them about Jesus. Claims to fame: presented a gift to Princess Margaret, preached at Chester Cathedral and met Wayne Rooney in the co op!

Michelle Farrelly

Michelle says, 'i moved to Devon two years ago from south London with my husband, where I was previously one of the Regional Coordinators for south-west London. I have been involved with Messy Church for a number of years. I have experience in running both large and small Messy Churches in different denominations. I am passionate about the work of the Bible Reading Fellowship and like nothing more then walking with churches as they discover what the next step that God has lined up for them.

Vickie Heydon-Matterface

Midlands Methodist with a background in Family and Pioneer ministry. Messy Church advocate experienced in event planning and fundraising. Passionate about bringing the gospel to families in fun and creative ways.

Graham Ransom

Methodist minister, story-teller and amateur magician. Husband, father and grandfather. I have been a minister for nearly 30 years, and I love the opportunities it offers. I am a late convert to messy church, but an enthusiastic one

Helen Venn

I started a Messy Church in 4 rural parishes in Kent where there were virtually no children or families in the churches but plenty of children in the schools. I led the team for 6 years before we retired and moved away. I loved seeing families drawn into a community and coming to know the love of God in their lives.

Martyn Payne

Hi there. I retired from the BRF Messy Church team at the of 2017 and since then have been involved in various voluntary roles locally and overseas; I have also worked as a freelancer for BRF. I have recently taken up role as a minister for a village church in Essex and hope to start a Messy Church there as soon as it is possible again.

Mary Judkins

Retired to Cornwall 4 years ago. Been involved in ministry to children, young people and families since teenage years. Passionate about sharing God's story with Jesus' death, resurrection and ascension by whatever means I can. The only way to kingdom growth is intergenerational! Loved my hot tub in the Covid 19 Lockdown!

Paul Thurlow

Paul is married to Alison and together they have run a Messy Church in Yate for 10 years. Paul was part of the planning team for the 2019 International Conference and is a member of the Silver, Blue and Orange Teams. Paul enjoys watching rugby and the Bake Off.

Paul Wilson

I live in Ayr Scotland and have been involved in MC for over 10 years. I loved music and running as many 5K's as I can.

Tom Donoghue

I live in the beautiful Peak District where I enjoy making the most of the views by going for walks and exploring the outdoors. I am married to Chloe and I work full time as an Evangelist at Cliff College.