Messy Church £100 Appeal

Help more families find their way to church

Join in the Messy Church £100 Appeal to support and grow this life-changing ministry! Watch and share our wonderful Messy Church stories, and download an appeal pack for your church.

Questions? Check out our FAQs.

Did you know…?

Because of Messy Church, thousands of families go to church, who would otherwise be doing something else.

(61% of all Messy Church families, according to recent research.)

That makes Messy Church an incredibly effective, God-inspired mission!

The Messy Church £100 Appeal

BRF's Messy Church team trains, advises and encourages dedicated Messy Church leaders and Regional Coordinators, supporting over 3,800 Messy Churches around the world.

They also devise a wonderful array of wise and creative resources.

Messy Church leaders tell us they depend on BRF's help to do their work.*

To support and grow the ministry, BRF needs to raise £300,000 each year, mostly through voluntary donations.

That's why we're asking churches to donate £100 to our annual appeal.

* In BRF's 2017 Messy Church survey, 70% of Messy Church leaders said they'd struggle without BRF's help, 81% appreciated being part of the Messy Church network and 94% said it enabled them to share the gospel.

Get involved!

Could your church support this life-changing mission?

Download a Messy Church £100 Appeal pack, containing:

  • Uplifting Messy Church story posters and a striking info-poster
  • A letter for your church leader from Richard Fisher, BRF's Chief Executive
  • A letter for your Messy Church leaders
  • A donation form

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Any questions? Get in touch.

How Messy Church is making a difference


Frequently asked questions

Why do we need a fundraising campaign?

BRF, the home of Messy Church, is a registered charity, dependent on voluntary donations. Each year it costs us around £300,000 to run the life-changing Messy Church ministry: providing training and support for 3,800 Messy Churches, investing in new projects and planning for growth. (Income from resources and events only makes a very small contribution.)

Why do we ask for £100?

It’s a rough calculation of the annual cost of providing all that BRF’s Messy Church team does to support, resource and enable the growing Messy church movement, divided by the number of registered Messy Churches on our directory.

Who should donate?

Every Messy Church is encouraged to donate. We’re asking each local Messy Church team to please consider approaching their church leadership for support.

Why should churches support the Messy Church £100 Appeal?

All churches contribute to mission. They may not realise it, but Messy Church is one of the most effective mission strategies there is – recent statistics from the Church Army Research Unit revealed that 61% of Messy Church families wouldn’t otherwise go to church (Playfully Serious, 2019). There’s no question that God is using Messy Church to revive his church all over the world. And yet compared to many mission organisations, Messy Church receives very little funding.

How will they be convinced?

Through amazing real-life stories. All registered* Messy Church teams will be sent colourful packs to share with their church leaders, containing some of the many wonderful Messy Church testimonies, and an explanation of the funding need. There’s also a letter to pass on to their church leader from the Chief Executive of BRF, Richard Fisher, and information how to donate.

Does it have to be £100?

Some small churches, or those in difficult areas, might struggle with £100. But there are lots of churches that could ‘stand in the gap’ and offer significantly more from their mission funds or from tithing. In 2017, 3% of registered Messy Churches contributed to our appeal. In 2018 this rose to 7%. We’re praying for an even more generous response in 2019. Every contribution helps.

How else can people share the stories?

Each week from mid-October to mid-November we’ll be releasing a new Messy Church £100 Appeal testimony video. If you follow Messy Church on social media, you’ll be able to share these or send them to your contacts. If you normally receive the Messy Church newsletter, then you’ll also get the latest video testimony in a special weekly email that you can send on to church leaders.

Is there a deadline for donating?

We understand it takes a while for church finance committees to meet and make decisions, so there’s no deadline… but it really encourages us if we see donations coming in quickly, and it helps with cashflow too.

Anything else?

We hope that answers most of your questions, but feel free to get in touch if you have any others.

Share your Messy Church £100 Appeal story

If you have a positive experience of asking your church to donate, why not pop a comment or a video message on the Messy Church Facebook page, or email to let us know how you went about it? (You can email Jane and she’ll pass it on.)


We feel very blessed by your support – a big THANK YOU! Here’s to a great appeal!

*Includes all Messy Churches who had registered on by mid-September 2019

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Messy Church is part of BRF

The work of BRF's Messy Church team is almost entirely funded by donations from individuals, churches and charitable trusts.