Messy Church teams

Looking for help with some aspect of your Messy Church? We have different teams to help you start, run or develop your Messy Church, depending on what you’re looking for.

Check out the team descriptions below.

The Advocates team

We’d love to speak to your church about Messy Church and the other ministries of BRF (Anna Chaplaincy for Older People, Living Faith, Parenting for Faith). We’re also the team to talk to about raising funds for Messy Church at BRF.

The Alongsiders team

We’d love to help you develop a particular aspect of your existing Messy Church or to help you work through a challenge. We can offer you a ‘critical friend’ or ‘informal coach’ to accompany you with good questions and creative listening.

The Admin team

We’re here to support you with any administrative aspect of your Messy Church ministry and can help you find the help you need. We’re part of the BRF staff team.

The Getting Going team

We’re here to chat to you about the basics of starting a Messy Church. We’ve all started one or more Messy Churches ourselves, and have a particular interest in enabling others to make the best possible start. We’d love to answer your questions, however large or small.

The Pool of Wisdom team

We’re experienced Messy Church leaders who help organise, plan and deliver particular events with BRF for the Messy Church network. We also provide advice and guidance to the BRF Messy Church team.

The Prayer team

We make prayer in Messy Church a priority. Ask us for creative prayer ideas to use at your Messy Church, for recommendations of books or other resources about prayer, or send us prayer requests for your Messy Church.

The Specialists team

We have an expertise in different aspects of Messy Church, like Science, additional needs, young leaders or other areas. We are also a team with people who have a responsibility for particular geographical areas.

The Trainers team

We’re experienced in both Messy Church as practitioners ourselves and in giving you an excellent experience of training. Whether it’s online training or face to face training, you can be confident you’ll be encouraged, challenged and equipped.

The Writers and Readers team

We’re a team of skilled communicators, who share Messy Church stories and ideas across the network through posts, articles and blogs. We’re also happy to read or view resources to see if they’re helpful to other Messy Churches.