Messy Church Projects

Still growing and developing, our projects aim to engage more of the community in the Messy Church vision

Messy Church Goes Wild

Messy Church Goes Wild is the movement within Messy Church which aims to encourage Messy Churches to meet God outdoors, love the natural world, experience a sense of awe and wonder there and to be more eco-aware in all we do, both inside and out, as gathered and dispersed church, for the good of the planet.

Messy Church Does Science

We've developed materials to help Messy Church leaders use science to explore aspects of the Christian faith, and demonstrate that faith and science are complementary

This project has been funded by a grant from Scientists in Congregations.

Messy Discipleship

Slowly and surely moving towards God - together

What might discipleship look like in the Messy Church context?

Messy Vintage

Messy Vintage is a missional offshoot of Messy Church that takes Messy Church values and good practice to older people

Support Messy Church

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The development of new projects, as well as the wider work of BRF's Messy Church team is almost entirely funded by donations from individuals, churches and charitable trusts.

Can you give to support our work?