Get Messy! January–April 2020

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Get Messy! is a four-monthly subscription resource for Messy Church leaders.

Each issue contains four session outlines (one per month), including planning sheets and take-home handouts, together with information on the latest resources and events.

It also seeks to encourage and refresh Messy Church leaders by providing monthly Bible studies, relevent and encouraging articles and a problem page. Other features include a youth column and stories from Messy Churches around the world.

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Sessions in this issue

  • Faithful sheep (Matthew 25:31–40)
  • Loving and serving (Matthew 7:24–29)
  • Falling and breaking (Acts 20:7–12)
  • The biggest miracle ever (John 19:26–35)

In detail

In this magazine, we cover the final three Holy Habits and celebrate Easter. It’s hard to believe we’ve spent a whole year discovering these habits outlined in Acts 2!

In January, the parable of the sheep and the goats helps us explore what it might mean to share resources, in the session entitled ‘Faithful sheep’. It will be fascinating to see how this goes down: will people think Jesus is being ridiculous or radical? In February, the habit is serving and we have fun with another parable, the house on the rock. We’re looking in particular at the sometimes-forgotten three words Jesus uses ‘and obeys them’ – hearing good teaching is only the start; we need to act on it too and follow Jesus’s example. After all, his whole life was given over to serving others. In March, the session explores the habit of breaking bread, with the unusual story of Eutychus from Acts, a story sandwiched (sorry) between two references to broken bread.

April brings us our annual celebration of the heart of the Christian faith – the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection, this year based on the account in John. What a fantastic way to remind each other of the reason for trying to get into Holy Habits in the first place.

Also in this issue

  • Lucy Moore writes
  • Stories from Messy Churches far and wide
  • Deepening Discipleship project
  • Messy Church in prisons
  • Plastics in the Messy Church environment
  • Messy science in schools
  • Review: Family Jesus Time
  • Messy Vintage
  • Toilet Twinning
  • Introducing Dave Martin

Support material

The following extra resources are available to download for this issue of Get Messy! 

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Session planning template