Activity ideas

Crafts and other Messy activity ideas for your Messy Church.

MESS-AI Church

MESS-AI is an interactive family workshop exploring the questions, ‘Who are robots?’ and ‘What are we?’ In this pack you will receive: An introduction to AI Running a MESS-AI Church workshop Helpful hints for running a successful workshop Participant's guide Maze templates Download the PDF

Messy Values Colouring Sheets

We're very grateful to Messy Church New Zealand and Annalies Berends for sharing these beautiful colouring sheets on the Messy Church values from the New Zealand Messy Church Conference in 2020. There's a colouring sheet and bookmark for each value plus a 'compilation' sheet of all the values in one big festive explosion and a sheet of all the bookmarks on one page. Download colouring sheets

A Messy Murder Mystery

If you’ve ever been on a conference, you’ll know there’s that tricky Saturday night conundrum: do you put on another worthy Thing to fill up the time and keep people busy, or do you just open up the bar and let people relax together after a heavy day, running the risk of some feeling unable to join in? At the Messy Church International Conference, we opened up the realms of the imagination and invited all who could cope with the absurdity to join us for a Messy Murder Mystery!

Messy Church Southwark Splash

Dunk, splash, ripple… At Southwark Splash on 19 January, we were reminded of some of the sounds that might have been heard as John the Baptist baptised Jesus in the River Jordan, before Bishop Karowei baptised three young Christians. Download the materials they used, which might be helpful if you are thinking of running a similar event.

Prodigal Son ideas and crafts

By Kathy We made marshmallow pigs on biscuits (I've previously done marshmallow pigs in 'mud' on top of chocolate angel delight but wasn't sure how many to cater for so decided biscuits was easier). Use one marshmallow for the face, cut 2 triangles of marshmallow for ears and stick them on each side. Use half a mini marshmallow for the snout and writing icing for eyes and 2 dots on the snout. The marshmallows stick reasonably well when cut but a bit of icing for glue always helps!

Activities on Creation, The Good Samaritan and Palm Sunday

By Sue Avery Sue Avery's Messy Church in Cholsey, Oxfordshire, has put together the following craft ideas on the themes of Creation, The Good Samaritan and Palm Sunday. These craft-based ideas work well at Cholsey, where they have a relatively young average age. The ideas are available as a PDF. Download

Creative writing activity

By Pam Mellor Have you considered using spiritual verse? Some people use the word 'poetry', but that conjures up too many bad experiences of sitting through boring English lessons! I have attached a copy of a verse which I wrote several months ago, which I have used during worship. Although, not the best piece of literature ever, I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people present, who asked me for a copy!

Blessing boxes

by Rev. Canon Duke Vipperman We wanted to put something in the kids empty hands. So we developed the idea of a 'Blessing Box'. We used white Bride's favour boxes often placed at the table setting of guests at a Wedding reception. They are easy enough for most kids to assemble themselves. Then the box was filled with symbols of each beatitude. Riffing off the reworded Beatitudes found elsewhere on this Messy Church site, we gave the kids these ideas: 1. Good on you who feel empty,God's home is open to you.

Footprint painting the easy way

by Rachel Parkinson Years ago I had seen a large banner made by blanking off parts of the cloth to leave a cross shape revealed. People then walked all over it having dipped the soles of their feet in paint. The result - a footprint cross - was really effective. I wanted to do the same for our second Messy Church.

Sugar Marbling

by Valerie Prettyman You'll need: 2 level spoonfuls icing sugar 1 spoon white wine vinegar selection of food colourings card squares cocktail sticks a paste brush Mix together the icing sugar and the vinegar. Then brush it completely over your card. Be generous in your application! Then dip the cocktail stick in the first colour of food colouring and hold it onto the card where it will start to spread in a snowflake pattern. Then introduce more colours. DO NOT USE TOO MUCH as it does spread!