Celebration ideas

Creative ideas to help leaders celebrate in Messy Church.

Poems: The Stories Jesus Told

You may find these poem retellings of well-known Bible stories helpful. They were written by Lisa Debney, a member of the BRF Barnabas in Schools team. Each has actions to go with it. God turned darkness into light

Mothering Sunday at home

When you can’t GO to Messy Church, don’t forget that together we ARE Messy Church. That’s right, the people, us. Messy Church is not a gathering once or so a month, it’s us, the people, and we’re most certainly not shutting up shop. Today we focus on a really important part of Messy Church: mothers! And by this we mean everyone who mothers us, whether they’re related or not.

Messy Grace

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ (Hold out your hands as if expecting a present) And the love of God (Put your hands on your heart) And the fellowship of the Holy Spirit (Hold hands)

The Lord's Prayer with actions

Lucy Moore, Jane Leadbetter and Martyn Payne demonstrate the Lord's Prayer with actions. You can watch on YouTube below: Here's the wording they use for the prayer:

The Lost Sheep website

I met Andrew the creator of Cecil the Lost Sheep when I was in Australia last and just love his stuff. Try the free download of the storytelling kit and you’ll see how well it fits into the Messy Church ethos – quirky fun for adults and for children. The books are available in the UK from Wesley Owen, Eden or your local Christian bookshop.

Interactive Prayer Spaces

Check out Orison's great resources for interactive prayer spaces in schools.

Flash cards telling the whole Bible story

From Richard Shrimpton, Horsley Village Church Yesterday before telling the story I used a great resource that the children loved: digital Flash Cards on a laptop. There's nothing new about the concept of flash cards but these are available to download as PowerPoint presentations from The Bible Curriculum website. The flash cards tell the whole Bible in 30 images giving a really clear overview of God's big story and helps children understand the chronology of the Bible.

Worship for Everyone

Worship music accessible for all ages together.

Knit your own Bible

by Anne Le Bas Our local school was looking for resources to go in story bags which would help children to explore Biblical stories. It was easy to find Nativity and Noah's Ark toys and figures, but difficult to find anything else. A couple of us from our our church therefore devised knitting patterns for Bible character glove puppets, and gave out the patterns to anyone in the church who liked to knit.