Messy Church at home ideas

Ideas for leaders to send to Messy Church families so that they can do their own activities at home.

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Messy Church at home - downloadable sessions

From April 2020, we have been providing a scheduled Messy Church at home session. This is to provide a backstop if you don't have time or the energy to create your own 'at home' resources. The idea is to help you stay in touch with your families while churches are not meeting in person, save you time scouring the range of resources across the web and to provide resources that reflect the Messy Church values as far as possible. They will be in a variety of formats but all appropriately worded for households rather than church leaders to use. The following are available:

Messy Church at home ideas from the network

Generous people from all over the network have been sending in their own 'at home' resources. We offer them to you here, but do be aware that these are not 'official' Messy Church BRF resources. 

Messy Church at home - Bee Attitudes

Jesus knew that having ‘things’ was not the route to happiness. One day, on a mountain top, he sat his friends down and gave them eight ways to live in his kingdom and explained how that leads to a happy life. If you listen carefully to them, some of them seem crazy at first. But Jesus came to turn the world upside down. Download the session

Messy Church at home - Noah's ark

Celebrate a new adventure with God by bringing the symbol of the rainbow full circle. God is sending us on a journey, and will always be with us. You might want to read Genesis 6:9—8:22 together. This is quite a long passage, so you could break it up, act it out together or read it in a family version of the Bible.

Messy Church at home - Moses

Throughout his life Moses goes on some momentous journeys, but wherever he finds himself God is with him. As we journey through life we can be sure that God is always with us too.  Download the session

Messy Church at home - Paul's journey

How did Paul keep trusting God even in the storms? How about us? Download the session

Messy Church at home - Pentecost

It’s party time, so join in with the celebrations and mark the birthday of the church, ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ and the Messy Church Messtival on 22 May at 3.00 pm on YouTube! Share pictures of your marvellous creations using #messtival21.

Messy Church at home - Easter

In the northern hemisphere, Easter happening in springtime seems like just the right time of year, with signs of new life springing up all around us. This time of year can help direct us to a message of hope that we can find in Jesus within the Easter story. Download the session

Messy Church at home - Mother's Day

The Bible is full of stories about amazing women who listened to God and looked after his children. Sometimes the women did not have their own children, but instead looked after other people’s children. Sometimes they had to wait until they were very old to have their own children. We are going to look at some of those women.  Download the session

Messy Church at home - Be still (Lent)

The 40 days of Lent is the period leading to the joyful celebration of Easter. Let us use this time to reflect, contemplate and pray. Let us stop, and be still. ‘Be still, and know that I am God! I am exalted among the nations,I am exalted in the earth.’Psalm 46:10 Download the session